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Meet Lucy. She is our extremely lovable lab that can’t seem to turn off the shedding. Ugh. I know that’s not how it works but sometimes [read: all the time] I really wish it was. Lu has been in this house forever and has seen the long list of J’s buddies come and go the past 9-ish years, therefore; she pretty much has free reign of the house. I don’t blame her, I would have wanted that too. Fast forward to now though and mannnn has this house seen a few things. Starting with the carpet. It needs to be replaced, but it is not really an option when Lucy is getting older so we’ll just have to make do with it for a bit.

I have tried many, many, MANY ways to make the carpet look a little nicer and have a little less dog hair but sometimes it also needs a little refreshing. You name it, I have tried it.

— Vacuuming daily, check.

— Using pet specific carpet refresh, check.

— Brushing Lucy, check.

— Crawling around the floor on my hands and knees scraping it up with a squeegee, yep I’ve done that too.

Thankfully, I have finally found something that I believe works pretty dang well for our house.

Baking soda and essential oils.

Now lets just get this out there. I am NOT an essential oil person, I’ve looked into them and am sure they work wonders but besides that I know nothing. What I do know is that I have put baking soda on my carpet a ton and love how it helps draw out more of Lucy’s magical love fibers, but I wish it left the carpet with a clean deodorized [ps. hate that word] scent or lack there of vs smelling like a vacuum that has just worked itself to the bone vacuuming up baking soda and dust from the many hours of having our windows open [it’s a pretty distinct smell in my opinion]. So I caved and thought I’ll try adding in some essential oils and see what happened.

I’m sold. J has even made positive comments about it and Lucy doesn’t mind it either. I call that a win. Oh and did I mention that it is super easy? And if you know me, cheap?!


I used a mason jar and turned it into a little shaker container by taking out the metal inside the rim and added pretty [because why not] cardstock that I punched with holes. [Side note: I did not know until after I bought a new hole punch that I picked one that cut out hearts…I just liked the pink handle. J got a real kick out of that.]

Fill it up with baking soda, add in some drops of essential oils. How many depends on how strong you want it, I did about 25-ish and that worked perfect for me.

Shake around the house on your carpet [I’ve also done the fabric of the couch Lucy lives on] and let set for 15-20 minutes. It’s baking soda so if you walk on it, oh well.

Vacuum up!

Super easy and it works. I have had to clean out my vacuum filters a little more regularly with this process, but to me that’s an easy fix and honestly why would I want the same dust flying around my house anyways.

Whether you have pets in the house or just want to give your carpet a little refresh, try it out!


do you now understand why i can’t just kick this cute little face out and spend every day dealing with her fur?! ugh, the struggle 🙂

...in case you need a dose of something similar

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