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Pretty sure my dad sums it up best…I love ‘stuff’. And like most parents, he is right. I DO love ‘stuff’. I love funky napkins, flower vases for days, jewelry that jingles a little when you move [because don’t you just feel fancy when it does], cute make-up bags, and man could this list go on! If it’s cute I love it and if it’s super ugly…chances are it’s so ugly it’s cute and I still like it.

There are a couple things I’m really good at, finding a good deal on stuff that looks more expensive than it is, one of my best qualities. I think that my odds of being successful¬†increase greatly since I want my house and closet to look like Anthropologie, West Elm, JCrew, but love stores like Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Michaels, and Old Navy that help me do it on a budget…ugh adulting.

So I thought since Christmas is coming…50 days and counting, I’ll pause while that sets in.

Okay? We good?! Did you just close your computer and start scrambling for your notebook to start jotting things down? Yeah me neither ūüėČ

But HEY! Let me help you!¬†Here are a¬†few of my favorites finds, a little bit of inspiration¬†for your list…who are we kidding, or for yourself!


-THE BLACK WATCH: I sent my sisters a picture of this watch when I found it because it is perfect. A little bit on the bigger side, but not too gigantic¬†that you can’t wear it with other accessories, a matte black rubber band with a tortoise rim around the face. Want to know the best part? Michaels. $14.99. I know, right?! And that’s if you don’t use a coupon.

-BEADED BRACELETS: They jingle, they match everything, and they always fit! Mix and match for cute arm candy that is Instagram worthy! You can get a sneak peak of ellieinherelement custom styles on Instagram.


– HEATHERED GREY CLUTCH: Oh my goodness am I excited about this one. I found this in the Target ‘One Spot’/’Dollar Spot’ section a little while back. It was the CUTEST thing to ever grace that section I swear. Use it for make up, a night out, jewelry, pens, you name it! How freaking cute is that. Did I mention it was $3?

-BROWNIES IN A JAR: Last but not least, the candle. Now I found this at TJ Maxx so I am just sick that chances of stumbling across this are slim but I could not start off a post about fun finds and NOT include this. The name is Pumpkin Spice by Harvest Luxe, I believe [I feel like all of the candle brands at TJ Maxx are all the same but that’s what it says], so if you see it snatch it up. In the jar it smells nice, not too overpowering, not too sweet, but when you burn it… It smells like you have Betty Crocker Boxed brownies in the oven. Need I say more?

50 days and counting…

enjoy! case you need a dose of something similar


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