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First off, I have to take two minutes and say THANK YOU for all of the support I have received over the past couple months while starting my little side biz. I never thought it would grow to what it is! Because you guys are so awesome, I thought we needed some fun new e.beads to rock in the new year. [Don’t worry! All prior styles are still available!]

Okay… now on to the fun stuff!

Time to be honest. I struggle when it comes to buying presents for my other half. Joe is not picky and would honestly take anything I would want to give him, but sometimes I want to yell “COME ON KID, THROW ME A BONE!”, I just want to get him something that he will love. I on the other hand, just tell him what I want (sometimes with pictures) because I know what it’s like to struggle thinking of a gift [like seriously, throw me a bone] and he just wants to get me something that I love…man that sounds really familiar!  Ugh.

This is why I decided to make Valentines Day a little bit easier for your other half. Here are a bunch of subtle and not so subtle photos that you can send away to your hubby, boyfriend, mr. mister. etc. as a *hint* *hint* for that lovely day in February. Include my email for ordering ellieinherelement@gmail.com and I’ll even wrap them up pretty, just because I love ya.

My ideal Valentines Day present is as followed: (disclaimer: I realize it’s not all about presents, but this is what I would want)

Face Mask (to pamper myself) Because sometimes even though I don’t have children and just have Joe and our old puppy Lulu in the house…I want 10 minutes to slather stuff on my face and make myself feel like my skin is going in this magic time machine back to when I didn’t have that lovely ’11’ permanently embedded between my eyebrows. I mean I still have them afterwards, but that 10 minutes of hope is glorious.

Dry shampoo (to make my life a little easier)Sometimes I don’t get those 10 minutes to myself or I use them for 10 extra minutes of sleep. I love the Aveda brand that comes in the same container, but Cheap Ellie REALLY loves the Shea Moisture Dry Shampoo that comes in the exact same container and also has a cute pink label. $10 vs. $30. It puffs out like your whole head is going to stay bright white, but rubs in like a dream. It saves my dark brown hair daily. Sometimes twice a day.

Jewelry (to gain them extra points)–  You can wear more than one special piece at a time. It always fits and there are no sizes for your man to get wrong. I worked 5 lovely years in retail and one of the most mind blowing things is that men have absolutely ZERO idea what size means for themselves…don’t push them to their limits and even begin to ask about their other half.

Enjoy the gallery below! Thank you again for all of your support!

ps. keep an eye out for a post later this week with bracelets for the little princess in your life! I’ll include a sneak peak at the end!

 black and white




pinks and neutrals





mini princess pretties preview!


...in case you need a dose of something similar

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